Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Take one Dvorak using engineer, an unhelpful IT admin, a vintage keyboard and an arduino.
Mix well for 2 weeks and bake for three years at 9000°F

Okay, maybe I didn't bake it (I'm no good at cooking anyway..)

The initial plan was to read the scancodes from the keyboard and re-shuffle them so that I could use a Dvorak layout while the operating system was set to qwerty. This turned out to be pretty simple to do once I got my head round the PS/2 system. I never got round to allowing PC -> keyboard communication, mostly because I can't be bothered (who needs status LEDs anyway?)

Having Dvorak-ifyed it I decided to have some fun and add a random expletive button.

It was then thrown onto the NortHACKton blog and featured on Hacked Gadgets :D 
No Hackaday though :'(

I've been working on improving it and I'm slowly adding programmable hotkey/macro doodar to it (detect key combination -> spam out programmed text)

Then I saw thispromptly flew into a blind rage. When the haze cleared it appears I had added a USB hub, 4GB memory stick, PS/2 adapter and the FTDI adapter for programming the arduino (and about half a stick of hotglue for good measure)


stage 1(ish)


more stuff!!

sorta finished product

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