Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Farnell Stuff Review

So I was stumbling around on the internet in a semi-drunken state one Wednesday afternoon (as you do when visiting your sister's pub..) and I discovered I had an email from a nice chap at Farnell asking me to review some stuff for him. My initial thoughts were the result of a head on collision between "it's a phishing attempt/spam" and "FREE STUFF!"
fast-forward a week or two and I now have in my possession some 3 watt LEDs some AA battery holders and some ATMega328s.

Starting with the LEDs, I basically went for the best brightness to price ratio while not being SMT. I chose amber because I have plans for a future project involving these.

Fluff not included. From LEDs

Monday, 5 September 2011

Mouse Repair

Here's an example of getting stuff done and a justification for the heap of potentially useful stuff (lovingly referred to as "crap" by friends and family :P)
Today my boyfriend's 5 year old mouse developed a slight cough dodgy left click switch. While it was amusing listening to the increasing levels of frustration as single clicks turned into quadruple clicks and drag selection turned into time wasting, it needed fixing.

Here's the vintage rodent in question, a Logitech mx3200 series. From mouse
To the crap useful stuff heap!