Saturday, 23 July 2011

keyboard code

I've fixed most of the major issues with the keyboard, so without further ado here be code:

and header file:

There's probably far better ways of doing most of it, the status lights still do nothing and I had to do a rather annoying workaround so that rightctrl+z  works properly (and other key combinations that start with 0xE0)

Advice/suggestions would be brilliant :)


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for!
    I was going to ask about pressing multiple keys at once, can this program register every keystroke?

    What about key combos, can it do pretty much anything? I read that you had issues with CTRL+Z, but I don't know what that means with regards to the rest of the keys.

    1. sorry for the epic delay *tweaks comment alert settings*
      It does multiple keystrokes, modifier keys, etc fine. It's just num/ that's a problem (which I've learned to live with rather than work out a fix)
      another issue that's developed is when the keypress counter hits 5 digits it takes to long to update the display and messes up the key release scancode, but then i think LCDs on keyboards are a little overrated anyway :P