Sunday, 5 February 2012

car notphone

Have you heard the radio recently?
Does anyone actually listen to that rubbish?
What do you mean "Yes"?

Fine, be like that then, but I find the content broadcast from payola land to be poor at best and one can only take so much radio four before the need to kill a politician takes hold.

Old mobile phone to in car mp3 player conversion!
"But that's easy" I hear you say. Well yes, it is easy, but it's a Sunday and my soldering iron needs some exercise.

So we take one of these:
From carphone

Do this to it:
mmmm.... hot glue...  From carphone
And this:
(so I can find the buttons without looking)
more hotglue!!  From carphone

then do this:
yet more hotglue! xD From carphone

To keep it running forever I threw together a charger:
12V through a USB port backwards.. nice one guys..
From carphone
no such thing at too much hotglue From carphone
Hopefully this one wont put an annoying buzz onto the audio output like the switch mode ones do. Either that or next week will be "webby makes a ground loop isolator"

In addition to the hardware, I've put sypftp on the phone so I can upload music to wirelessly and light control to keep the backlight lit while the phone is unlocked.

I'll give it a test on the way to work tomorrow. :)

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