Monday, 30 January 2012

Still there?

I'm a bad blogger. I blame my lack of workspace, tools*, the phase of the moon and various politicians for the lack of posting.
*a good workman always blames his lack of tools

Anyway, here's what I'm currently working on:

note: correct quantity of tea.
This isn't just any keyboard. This is a Dell RT7D50 USB keyboard,

with it's internals thoroughly hacked about,

and made slightly less internal.

then bunged into a teensy++ 2.0
This isn't just any keyboard. This is a spiderwebby keyboard**
**functionality not guaranteed, may cause major economic disruption, fires and permanent damage to shatners bassoon.

And for a little side project I decided to have a go at one of these silly clocks that seem rather popular at the moment:

It kinda needs a video to do it justice, but let it be said that random ticking, backwards, swapped handed clocks are quite fun*** :)
***especially at the company office with Twitchy McTwitchingtons. 

Aaand that's about it for the moment, more postings next week (hopefully...)

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